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The Synergy® diesel tuning box is available for all modern diesel engines, simply plug in the diesel tuning box to get more power from your diesel.

Tuning diesels has never been more popular and is becoming the fastest tuning trend throughout the UK and Europe. Our diesel tuning box is one of the most advanced on the market with multiple fuel maps, multi-channel inputs and outputs, and the latest tuning technology, available now for your diesel engine!

More power & save fuel, or your money back! The official Synergy tuning website

Synergy tuning chip box

Drive a diesel? Want more Power? Need to save fuel? Ever dreamt of having the best of both worlds? Welcome to Synergy Chiptuning! The place for diesel tuning.


Here at Synergy, we offer you the perfect combination of improved power and torque with the benefit of less diesel fuel consumption - Guaranteed - or your money back!

Now with push button MAP adjustment!

Gain as much as 15% more MPG, and enjoy up to 25% more power from your diesel engine by installing the Synergy diesel tuning computer to your car. The Synergy computer controlled diesel tuning system simply plugs in to your cars injectors and alters the fuelling of the car safely and precisely to produce a more efficient burn cycle, producing much more torque and saves you fuel! Diesel tuning has never been so easy.

Made in the UK! The Synergy technology is made in house and features the super fast Microchip PIC running at 48MHz. All signals are filtered and buffered for the most superior tuning. Smooth delivery of power from as low as 1500rpm with the safest and reliable tuning chip.

Warm up timer is included on all the Synergy tuning boxes and is selectable by the customer for duration, this allows the engine enough time to warm and also guarantees good oil flow is achieved, a must for engine and turbo longevity.

Inside the Synergy tuningbox

Professional design, neat and crisp. Customer adjustment buttons, power and warm up LED display (LED flashes when tuningbox is in warm up mode). Flash memory can be re-written if you change cars. Added protection to protect your cars sensitive electronics, including polarity and over voltage, a key design flaw in our competitors products.

Tuning diesels is easy

MULTI-CHANNEL Inputs - The Synergy diesel tuningbox takes signal information from multiple input channels such as the MAF sensor to detect airflow, the Turbo sensor to detect turbo pressure, and the injectors to to detect the injection rate and flow. This information is used to accuarately and precisely tune your engine for maximum efficiency and performance. Our multi-channel harnesses connect to the sensors on your car by using original equipment connectors as used on the car itself. No longer do you have to use out of date tuningboxes which simply up the fuel pressure, now you can enjoy the ultimate in engine tuning safe in the knowledge of our commitment to engine longevity.

Car, Van or Motorhome? Whatever you drive, the Synergy diesel tuning system is available for your vehicle. Find your car's Synergy and see the expected results for yourself. Do the calculations and see how much fuel and money you could save by installing the Synergy diesel tuning system. See the power and torque gain for your engine and imagine the refined drive, more responsive acceleration, and safer overtaking.
COMPLETELY RISK FREE - Try the Synergy system for 30 days, if you do not notice more power, more torque and less fuel consumption, return it for a full refund* Diesel perfromance


Be wary of inferior imitations! The official Synergy tuning box is not available anywhere else other than here, any other website purporting to sell the Synergy tuning box should be avoided. Click here to see the difference!



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